Talks about environmental concerns continue to echo in senate and congress hallways, but they are just mere spectacle. Environmental issues such as climate change, carbon emission, and the likes are louder now than before, but money still talks the loudest. While environmental activists are blowing the trumpets, capitalists are whispering in the dark, yet they are better heard.

Ordinary citizens and the less developed nations are the most vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation. Scientists say that climate change is strengthening typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones. The most destructive example of this is the typhoon ‘Yolanda’ that claimed 10,000 thousand plus lives in the Philippines.

Another ill effect of climate change is the El Nino phenomenon, which causes drought, water shortages, and wildfires in many parts of the world. Although there have been policies on climate change, it is not fully made public. The lack of implementation makes climate change mitigation action barely felt.

Natural disasters continue to ravage in intensified proportion. Policies will only become effective unless acted upon, strictly implemented, and impose harsher penalties to violators; otherwise, the vicious cycle will continue.