Before you say good riddance to the year 2020, why not pause for a moment and think of the positive things that happened despite the pandemic? Here’s to help you see the silver lining of COVID-19:

  • Members of the families were forced to stay at home, which allows families to bond with one another.
  • Mother earth has gotten its much-deserved respite from carbon emission. We have witnessed a dramatic fall in air pollution and greenhouse gas emission.
  • Empathy is magnified. Stories of people extending help to those who have lost their jobs and front liners working round-the-clock have dominated social media.
  • Solidarity became stronger among people from different walks of life in terms of following health protocols.
  • Courage is amplified, especially among the front liners such as doctors, nurses, and medical staff who treat COVID-19 patients unselfishly.
  • The “Work From Home” (WFH) arrangement, which was not well recognized before, has been given a spotlight to prove its effectiveness.
  • Due to the government’s restriction on transportation, food became scarce, which prompted people to start with urban and backyard gardening.
  • E-commerce has grown in epic proportion.

These and more are the things to be thankful for in 2020. So instead of cursing the year, give it a nice graceful exit.