Same feathers flock together; this saying is literally true for birds but cliché with people. We live in a diverse neighborhood and society at large. There are whites, blacks, and people of color. This diversity even gets diversified because of our varied political beliefs.

These beliefs are supposed to unify rather than divide us, especially in the kind of political atmosphere we have right now where political people are on the brink of violence because each one believes differently. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world we should share. We cannot have a monopoly because the truth is often relative and unique to each group of individuals.

Disagreements are normal and should be respected. We cannot expect others to believe what you believe, but we could demand respect from each other. We cannot be cooped up in our small little circle forever. Harmony is achieved by mixing up different colors, and when it is done, it creates a more progressive, innovative, and sustainable society. Each color contributes to what the other lacks; society’s diversity is unique puzzle pieces that will make a beautiful picture when put together.